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Susan Blackshaw Homeopathy

Susan Blackshaw Homeopathy E-News

susan blackshaw homeopath

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The homeopathic viewpoint on health and illness is a fascinating one and I’d like to provide a quarterly pipeline of the latest news from Homeopathy. Since I was lucky enough to find Homeopathy when my own children were sick, I’ve wanted to let others know that there is a way to promote your health or the health of your children. I wish I’d known about Homeopathy earlier, so this E- News format is a small step in spreading the word of its efficacy and history. So please read on to find links to interesting articles, research and perspectives on health from the homeopathic viewpoint.

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My facebook page is the best way to stay in the loop of what’s going on in the Homeopathic world and where I share the stories of successful homeopathic treatment from around the world and any interesting developments. It’s also a great place to ask any general questions on Homeopathy.
I hope you enjoy!

Hayfever and Allergies

Ahhh Chooo

With hayfever and spring allergy season upon us and as I’ve just tip toed through the spring flowers of Margaret River WA, I thought Springtime and Hayfever would be a fitting topic for my first E- Newsletter! Check out the Owens Homeopathic Factsheet that has helpful tips and outlines some of the most used remedies. Remember that homeopathics are prescribed on the principle of ‘like cures like’, so what works for one person may not be indicated for another person. Many are found in the Helios Homeopathic first aid kits Chronic hayfever and allergies are surprisingly complex sometimes and realistically requires deeper and sustained treatment to address the underlying causes and sensitivities.

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Homeopathy Brisbane

My new clinic

Well the signage is finally up outside my
‘Susan Blackshaw Homeopathy’ Ashgrove Clinic, 215 Coopers Camp Rd, Ashgrove, so you’ll find me easily at your next visit! There is parking on the road outside and nearby side street. Bus 385 The Gap Buz, also stops very close by at the West Ashgrove shops.
Ashgrove Clinic (Mon-Fri) Just phone my mobile on 0418716027 to make an appointment.


Dr Stephen Simpson

Did you know Australia’s First Homeopath Dr Stephen Simpson moved to Moreton Bay in 1840 and served as the Acting Colonial Surgeon..? By sharing this interesting fact I had a chat with the Governor of Qld! A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce. I joked that I could be the Government House Homeopath as I looked straight at Government House from my old Paddington Clinic window. To my delight she was knowledgeable about Homeopathy and enjoyed hearing about Australia’s First Homeopath and his connection to Brisbane. She requested that I send her a copy of Barbara Armstrong’s article, which of course I did! I believe the article is stored in the library at Government House. Here is the link to some fascinating history of Homeopathy in Qld and Australia, meticulously researched by Barbara Armstrong.
I hope you enjoy!

Visit Homeopathy Website

Visit the Friends of Homeopathy website to read the reply to the NHRMC ‘s flawed review about Homeopathy You can register your support and interest there too. We need more research into homeopathy no doubt but here is a link that summarises the promising body of research that has been done so far

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