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For over 200 years, homeopathy has successfully supported the health  of people of any age and at any stage of their life, assisting them  through conditions that are acute or chronic or developmental.

With over 15 years in practice I have helped women, men and children from all walks of life, in differing stages and phases of health, illness and development.

Please note a homeopath is not qualified to diagnose illness or disease, and homeopathy does not replace medical treatment.  I am very comfortable referring clients back to their GP for further assessment if red flag symptoms are revealed in the homeopathic consultation.

Conditions and complaints that I commonly see are mentioned in a general way below. Please call if you are unsure of a specific condition.

Repeated illness/ minor ailments;

“Getting sick all the time”

Stress and Challenging emotions;

Stress related complaints from relationships, work, loss, pain, life changes etc often reflect in the moods, emotions or sleep patterns for some, and in the physical body for others, or a mix of both. For others the stress of the physical complaint affects their moods and emotions.

So that is why it is crucial to seek an understanding of the individual’s susceptibility to a health issue, holistically.

Persistent feelings of stress can sap your vitality and undermine your physical health, so these causations are looked into within the holistic health paradigm.

Challenging childrens behaviour;

Tantrums, fearfulness, learning difficulties, developmental problems, teething pain, trapped wind,  fussy eaters are common complaints seen in my clinic.

General conditions;

‘Just feeling unwell but all the tests are negative’ scenarios,or ‘Never been well since…” scenarios;

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Disclaimer: Any views expressed in this web site should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or seek medical attention for worsening health conditions.