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High School Stress

September 19, 2013By 0 Comments

Parents…. Are you looking for a way to relieve the High School stress in your teenagers?  Homeopathic treatment is a great option.

The homeopathic consult is outstanding in finding exactly, in a very detailed way, what is stressing the person, and how this stress is being experienced mentally, emotionally and physically.

For example, exam nerves presents symptoms in many ways and for different reasons depending on the individual, and there is a homeopathic medicine suited to each.

The susceptibility of the individual to the particular causation of stress is what interests me in my assessment. By this I mean, I’m looking for the theme that runs through the individuals responses, eg is it perfectionism, an overly responsible nature, a need to please, a fear of failure, a fear of making a mistake or a fear of disappointing parents? that fuels the stress and pressure within the student.

A knowledge and assessment of the causation and the responses of the client then leads to a choice of homeopathic treatment and medicines designed to alleviate the physical suffering through restoring a balanced perspective and response to the challenge.

High School StressThe willingness of the teenager to engage in the process of the homeopathic case taking is what often leaves their parents amazed. Over my years in practice I’ve come to understand that this engagement is facilitated because the information we collect is taken without judgement and is all about them, which helps them feel understood and validated. They often leave with a deeper self-awareness of their state which they can use to their benefit.

Many a parent has expressed to me that the consult was really powerful for them as well, for whilst they were aware of their child not being happy at school, they were unaware of the exact minute details around their child’s experience of the stressing situation.

An added benefit that this brings is that with the newly defined awareness of the issue, the power to change the situation is facilitated, giving the parents and the child something tangible to then go forward with and perhaps rectify a situation that needs changing for the better.

With the ever increasing pressures of school life, we’re seeing an ever increasing number of children suffering from stress related symptoms. Performance anxiety, exam nerves, public speaking terror or fear of failure can make school life miserable for the susceptible school child.

Exams, assignment deadlines, oral presentations, competition and peer dynamics are common challenges within the school culture yet for some students, these things are a constant source of fear, anxiety, worry or pressure ie. high school stress.

Excessive feelings of this type are not good for any child to operate within, and not surprisingly concerned parents want to help there teenager with this high school stress. If you’re one of those concerned parents, consider Homeopathy.

Stress has a different meaning for each of us. One person may become withdrawn another teary another anxious and sleepless and another irritable and rebellious. Reluctance to go to school, or complaints of vague symptoms are a common cue that stress might be beneath the physical complaint. Many parents are exasperated with these types of symptoms which have been thoroughly investigated by the GP and no obvious explanation has been found.

Homeopathy is a good choice as it promotes health to restore balance and perspective. Call Latrobe Health Centre to make an appointment on  07 38762100.

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