Hello! I’m Susan Blackshaw, a Registered Homeopath (AROH) providing homeopathy in Ashgrove and Paddington, Brisbane since 2002.

As a homeopath, I can offer support to you for a wide range of health concerns.

I have a special interest in family health, seeing as homeopathy helped me return my children to health. I feel that homeopathy offers a simple support to parents for many of those minor ailments that arise in children and adults.

The homeopathic process audits the health responses and triggers in play for the individual and then seeks to address the underlying susceptibility with homeopathic treatment.

I qualified as a homeopath in the UK before returning to my hometown of Brisbane in 2002. After gaining registration with the Australian Register of Homeopathy, A.R.O.H, I started my practice in Brisbane. I have seen a vast array of conditions across this time. I love being in practice as it is so rewarding to relieve the suffering of others.

Across 30 years nursing experience, I have qualified as a midwife in 1988 and was awarded a Bachelor of Nursing in 1991. I have worked in neonatal and adult ICU’s, as well as in community health. I have worked in Saudi Arabia, England and had a great time as a resort nurse on Great Keppel Island in the 80’s!

My nursing experience is a terrific advantage to my homeopathic practice as I have that depth of understanding that comes from nursing people who are very ill. For people looking at using homeopathy for the first time, or for people with complex health problems it is reassuring to be in the care of someone versed in both systems.

Homeopathy is better known and well established in the UK where I trained and is used in NHS funded hospitals, so I have seen the two systems work well in combination. Referring clients to their medical practitioner for further assessment or to another modality is a normal part of homeopathic practice.

My Journey to Homeopathy

Like many others, it was when I had sick children of my own that I looked outside the box for a solution. After dozens of antibiotics plus multiple grommet insertion for chronic ear aches, I was feeling desperate for a better option. I took the advice of another mother and tried Homeopathy for the first time for the children.

I was watchful of the infection rates when the homeopathic management commenced and was delighted and very grateful to see that the infection rates dropped significantly for my youngest and stopped completely for the older two in the first months of treatment. I had to know more!

I learnt about some of the homeopathic preparations by attending a homeopathic first aid course run by my Homeopath, and in no time I was feeling confident to help my family with minor ailments. It was really wonderful to be able to successfully support your children through their health challenges with homeopathy.

It was a natural career progression for me to become a Homeopath. I commenced the 3 year full time course at the College of Homeopathy Regents College, London in 1997, completing it at the College of Practical Homeopathy, West Midlands,UK, in 2001. I returned to Brisbane in 2002, where I brought my English /European style of homeopathy to my practice.

I am a member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA), the only national association for qualified homeopaths, and served in roles such as National Secretary, World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) Coordinator, Committee member and AHA Qld Branch President.

A personal vision is to see homeopathy working alongside orthodox medicine in Australia like it does so well in India and Europe. It is so wonderful to see Wellness programmes starting up in several Australian hospital settings.

From 2013, I have worked as a Clinic Supervisor at Endeavour College, Brisbane, helping with the clinical training of Student Homeopaths.

I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Healthcare Leadership.

Homeopathy is supportive of many conditions…

For over 200 years, homeopathy has successfully supported the health of people of any age and at any stage of their life, assisting them through conditions that are acute or chronic or developmental.

With over 15 years in practice I have helped women, men and children from all walks of life, in differing stages and phases of health, illness and development.

Please note a homeopath is not qualified to diagnose illness or disease, and homeopathy does not replace medical treatment. I am very comfortable referring clients back to their GP for further assessment if red flag symptoms are revealed in the homeopathic consultation.

Conditions and complaints that I commonly see are mentioned in a general way below. Please call if you are unsure of a specific condition.

Repeated illness/ minor ailments;

“Getting sick all the time”

Stress and Challenging emotions;

Stress related complaints from relationships, work, loss, pain, life changes etc often reflect in the moods, emotions or sleep patterns for some, and in the physical body for others, or a mix of both. For others the stress of the physical complaint affects their moods and emotions.

So that is why it is crucial to seek an understanding of the individual’s susceptibility to a health issue, holistically.

Persistent feelings of stress can sap your vitality and undermine your physical health, so these causations are looked into within the holistic health paradigm.

Challenging children’s behaviour;

Tantrums, fearfulness, learning difficulties, developmental problems, teething pain, trapped wind, fussy eaters are common complaints seen in my clinic.

General conditions;

‘Just feeling unwell but all the tests are negative’ scenarios,or ‘Never been well since…” scenarios;

The initial consultation is the beginning of the journey.

"Unfortunately the federal governmemt plan to remove private health rebates for natural therapies in 2019. To protect your right of choice of healthcare and make your voice heard visit www.yourhealthyourchoice.com.au".

ConsultationsTimeCostPrescription Fee
Adult (Initial)1 1/2 hours$145$5 – $30 / Each
Child (Initial)1 hour$85$5 – $30 / Each
Student (Initial)$125
Adult (Follow ups)45 Mins$90$5 – $30 / Each
Child (Follow ups)30 – 45 Mins$65
Student (Follow ups)$80
Minor Ailment15 – 30 Mins$20 – $40$5 – $30 / Each
Phone consultsShort or LongVariableExisting clients

The follow up consultations are an important time to review the direction your health is going in and to decide which prescription will take you further toward your destination of improved health.

I often describe my job as a homeopath as being like a detective, as you are looking for the themes and clues that run through the illness patterns, so that the most appropriate homeopathic preparations can be chosen to restore harmony to the person’s vitality.

This requires a very thorough and detailed health history to be taken where relevant issues around the presenting complaint and the history are examined. Many times people remark that it’s the first time anyone has listened to the whole story. Follow up appointments are usually made about 2- 4 weeks apart depending on the type of problem at hand. I strive to do my best for clients whilst staying realistic with therapeutic expectations.

Please note that Homeopaths are not qualified to diagnose illness or disease and that homeopathy does not replace medical treatment. No promises of cure are given. I encourage clients to seek their GP’s and Pharmacists supervision regarding any prescribed medications. In acknowledgement of these points and in accordance with the Qld Code of Conduct, you will be asked to sign a consent form at your initial appointment.

Don’t forget to bring along any relevant test results with you.

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Itch Goes

  • Odourless Easy to use Easy to carryHomepathic Itch Remedy
  • Based on the principles of homoeopathy, itch goes is a topical (application to skin) roll-on for itching, blisters, welts, swelling and inflammation of the skin. Commonly used for bites and stings from mosquitoes, sand flies, march flies, leeches, ants, ticks, wasps, bees, mozzies and midges.
  • Itch goes – the natural, odourless product that soothes, comforts and heals.

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Helios Kits (Basic Plus 36 Kits)

Helios Double Helix Basic 36 kits are ideal for newcomers and the more experienced user of homeopathy. The kit contains 36 remedies that home prescribers can use to cover the most common ailments and minor injuries for all the family, which may provide symptomatic relief. Compact and lightweight, the kit is suitable to take with you when going on family outings, weekend breaks, holidays etc. It comes with its own comprehensive booklet which gives an introduction to homeopathy, an A-Z of complaints that can be treated along with a materia medica section describing the main uses of the remedies contained.

The kit is not intended for the treatment of chronic, longstanding or serious conditions. Read the information provided and take as directed and if symptoms persist, contact your health care professional

All remedies supplied in 30c potency.

The 36 remedy kit contains: Aconite, Ant. tart. Apis, Arg- nit., Arnica, Arsenicum alb, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calc carb, Calendula, Cantharis, Carbo veg, Chamomilla, China, Drosera, Gelsemium, Hepar sulp, Hypericum, Ignatia, Ipecac, Kali bich. Lachesis, Ledum, Lycopodium, Mag. Phos., Mercurius, Nat. mur, Nux vom., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox., Ruta, Sepia, Silica, Staphisagria, Sulphur.

Cost $180 + P&P

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Homeopathy for the home prescriber booklet

The Owen Homoeopathics Range

This inexpensive little book gives you instant access to a wealth of information about commonly-used remedies, symptom pictures and a Materia Medica. A must-have for the home, office, and for travelling.

Cost $15 + P&P

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Journal for the home prescriber

The Owen Homoeopathics Range

The Journal allows you to record your homoeopathic treatment – both practitioner prescribed and home prescribed. This allows you to track your own and your family’s health and will prove invaluable should you need to see another homoeopath at any time.

Cost $15 +P&P

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Challenging Children – Success with homeopathy

I am very proud to have contributed a case to this compilation of success stories by Australian homeopaths. It involves a little boy who had ADHD and OCD. Through careful prescribing of homeopathic preparations, he no longer exhibits these behaviors. This is just one example amongst dozens of others in the book that show the potential homeopathy has to improving outcomes for children with challenges.

Book Review:

“In a word – delightful! Homeopathic books are often hard work, but this one is a pleasure to read. Linlee’s style is warm and inclusive; you feel like you are sitting in her consulting room having a chat over a cup of tea.

It is a reassuring conversation, one that brings hope to suffering parents, and shows that there is a genuine possibility of helping their challenging children to a life of balance, happiness, and peace.

Our health journey is like a spiral. When set within a family, if one member becomes unwell it adversely affects others, whose suffering makes the original member worse, and so the family’s health spirals downwards. But the opposite is also true – when one family member is helped, others improve as a consequence, which supports the first person’s improvement even more and the family’s health spirals upwards.

Linlee’s book tells parents that the negative spiral can be broken, and the wonderful journey of recovery, not only for their challenging child, but for every family member, can happen.

So the book is principally an encouragement for desperate families. However, practitioners and students who feel somewhat overwhelmed by the demands of treating challenging children will benefit from its practical guidance. They will gain an insight into how experienced professionals handle difficult cases, and what is possible.

This is not a textbook to teach remedy selection, as the cases are generally briefly described. It is an outcomes book which clearly shows parents and others what is possible in difficult and sometimes desperate situations.

In summary, Linlee brings to life in a compassionate and embracing manner, the marvelous potential of well chosen homoeopathic medicines to change the lives of challenging children, and their families.”

Dr. Isaac Golden

Cost $20 + P&P

0418 716 027

Ribbons of Life DVD

This DVD is a great gift idea for children and people of all ages, and especially for your overseas visitors. It is filled with beautiful and colourful close up views of the marine life and corals of the Great Barrier Reef. Produced with subtitles and serene music, it mesmerizes as it educates and entertains.

I’m very proud to distribute this DVD, even though it isn’t related to homeopathy, as my brother Rob Cooke an underwater photographer on the Barrier Reef for the last 15years, compacted years of footage to make this stunning 45 minute DVD to promote conservation of our precious Great Barrier Reef.

0418 716 027

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Homeopathic medicines are derived from various plants, minerals or animals and are prepared in a way which:

    • dilutes away the toxicity of the concentrated substance but not it’s healing properties, and
    • enables a very small energetically potent dose to stimulate a sick person’s natural defenses. This second part of the process is known as succession.

    The medicines sphere of action is determined through knowledge of what symptoms manifest in a well person from taking in a concentrate of the substance. A good example of this concept is raw onion, which we all know cause the eyes and nose to stream and burn, when its being cut. So, when onions are processed into a homeopathic preparation, it may be precribed for hayfever-like conditions or head colds where the patient complains of burning and streaming eyes and nose.

    So this is an example of the principle,’ Like cures Like’! Hence the word ‘homeopathy’ is derived from the Greek “Homoios” meaning ‘similar’, and “pathos” meaning ‘suffering’. The synergy that comes through the similarity between the expression of the person’s suffering and the homeopathic preparation is the philosphical meaning of the word homoeopathy. The word is shortened to homeopathy (without the dipthong ‘oe’), in recent times.

    Holistic modalities such as homeopathy view symptoms as an expression of the body to reestablish homeostasis or balance or healing. Supported by 200 years of clinical application, the philosophy follows the logic that working with the person’s natural defenses to fascitiate, assist, support these naturally intelligent and inherent health giving properties of a person’s vitality, will provide positive health outcomes.

    The case taking determines the totality of relevant physical, mental and emotional symptoms that the person experiences from which the appropriate homeopathic preparation is chosen to stir a healing response into action. The skilled homeopath brings the science and the art of homeopathic practice together to decide a successful course of action.

  • Naturally, the answer to this varies for each person depending on their vitality and commitment to healing combined with the complexity, duration and type of illness and also whether obstacles and blocks to the curative action of medicines exist. So, the response time can be anywhere from rapid to slow and steady depending on these variables.

    At initial and follow up consultations I routinely share my assessments with clients; of how I’ll approach their case management and what is realistic in a therapeutic sense. This way we are both clear on what is being addressed at the time.

    No promises of cure are ever made.

  • Typically homeopathic preparations are dispensed on little sugar pillules that are best taken by dissolving under the tongue. Homeopathics can be dissolved easily in water for easier administration.

  • Yes but only for relief of minor ailments and minor first aid situations. A registered homeopath should be consulted for chronic or recurring symptoms. Naturally, always seek medical attention for severe or worsening symptoms. People and especially parents who own the basic first-aid kit containing 36 options for minor ailments say it is very empowering to be able to treat yourself or to help your children quickly, conveniently and successfully with minor ailments and injuries.

    A variety of first aid homeopathic preparations and kits are available for purchase as well as booklets and instructions on how to self prescribe. Please go to the ‘Product’ section of this website to browse the literature and products.

  • Naturopathy is quite a different modality to homeopathy in that it is a nutritional system of medicine using herbs, vitamins, food supplements and diet to address health issues.

    The confusion over the two modalities is that sometimes a practitioner may be fully qualified in both. Typically though, a naturopath receives a basic tuition in how to use homeopathic remedies to a first aid level of competency only.

    A registered homeopath has completed 3 years full time study and must continue to meet the yearly quota for continued professional development, whilst maintaining practice standards and adhering to the code of ethics set by the Australian Register of Homeopaths(AROH).

    A professional register such as AROH which meets government standards therefore provides consumers with a degree of protection. It is always wise to seek a registered homeopath for this reason.

  • Unfortunately the federal governmemt plan to remove private health rebates for natural therapies in 2019.

    To protect your right of choice of healthcare and make your voice heard visit www.yourhealthyourchoice.com.au.

  • For the latest on homeopathy in Australia

    Australian Homoeopathic Association – www.homeopathyoz.org

    Australian Register of Homeopaths – www.aroh.com.au

    Homeopathy Research Institute – www.hri-research.org


Susan’s forte is in pinpointing a health issue and fixing it. The best part is the treatment has been easy to take, non-invasive and successful. Thanks Sue.
Happy to recommend Susan’s homeopathy treatment for toddler tantrums and anxious mothers, its made a big difference to our family.
I feel just great, I have so much more energy and sleep so well
Thanks to treatment from Susan Blackshaw, I went from someone who put up with all sorts of symptoms from allergies, sore throats, tiredness, hormonal symptoms, to someone who now understands what general good health feels like.
The homeopathy works, Susan gave my daughter some for ear aches and no longer gets them.
Thanks goodness Susan could treat me, both the obvious symptoms and my psychological anguish. Today I am happy and relaxed without hot flushes.
Thanks so much for your help and care and understanding! and it is so reinforcing/reaffirming to see the great way you work and help to sort us out!!
Thanks so much for today. Coming to see you is so re-energising!
With help from Susan professional advice and the basic homeopathic kit I am now looking after my family’s ailments with more confidence.
I really like the concepts of homeopathy and with Sue’s knowledge, support and holistic understanding you know you are in good hands.
I would like to say that if I ever have low times or stress times, once I start Susan’s homeopathy again it picks me up and I feel very balanced, with no stress and happy once again, it is so amazing.
Susan treats my family for general good health and health challenges as they arise. I find her to be professional and supportive. She understands the pressures of family life and is never too busy to answer questions.

Tuesday to Thursdays: Phone Susan directly to arrange an appointment at her Ashgrove Clinic on ph 0418716027.

Early and Late appointments available

Address: 215 Coopers Camp Road, Ashgrove

Susan’s mobile: 0418 716 027